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Brady is going on nineteen years old this April.  ​He is a normal teenager with a normal life, as in going to school, doing adventurous things, and making great accomplishments. A major part of his life that is different from normal teenagers is his love and passion for the sport of racing. A resident out of Watkinsville, GA, he started making a name for himself at just nine years old. In 2007, he debuted in his first ever race in a Bandolero. After the first year, his success and talent came alive. In 2009, he took on double duty behind the wheel of his Bandolero as well as a new Prochallenge racecar. That year, he won three races in his Bandolero and two championships in his Prochallenge. In 2010, he made the switch to a Legends car. By the end of the year, he had three victories and a fifth place average finishing position.



2011 saw Boswell behind the wheel of his Legend car for various races including the week-long Winter Nationals event at Auburndale Speedway (FL), the Legends Million, and as well as making his Pro Late Model debut. Boswell learned a lot in 2011 as he continued to show his talent in the Legend car and catch the eyes of new guys in the Pro Latemodel division as he finished second in his Pro Latemodel debut. All in all, 2011 for Boswell was not a bad year for his rookie season in the Pro Latemodel , allowing him to learn a lot and take it on into the 2012 season.


In 2012, Boswell continued racing his Pro Latemodel, as well as taking on a bigger challenge in the Super Latemodel.  Boswell competed in the World Crown 300 as well as other big CRA racing events.


In 2013, Boswell took the Air Flow Research Rookie Of The Year title and led many laps battling with the veterans up front in the X-1R Pro Cup series. Boswell also made it into one of the most prestigous races of the year, the Snowball Derby, but false accusations in tech sent him home early.


For 2014, Boswell raced again in the full season of the X-1R Pro Cup series and made a strong run for the Championship title but came up short. Boswell will also raced in select super latemodel events.


In 2015  Brady took the year off to focus on college and to be ready to go full force in the 2016 season.


For 2016, Boswell will compete in the ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards. The races will either be televised on Fox Sports One or on American Sports Network.







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